Chatbot Benefits

The chatbot is a software solution that digitizes and automates communication with customers in messenger and on the business website, contributing many benefits to both business and customers and staff: saves time, money, and resources, helps to optimize staff performance, helps in marketing and sales, provides information and services to customers 24/7 - contactless self-service ...

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We built our no-code platform as a solution to business problems we experienced first-hand while working with many companies and consulting hundreds.
The platform has a conversational AI module, a chatbot content management system, and statistics on customer behavior.
Content management is easy, fast, and without technical knowledge. All made simple and intuitive.

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Centralized AILivechatIntegrationsFormsSMS notificationsEmail notifications
Centralized AILivechatIntegrationsFormsSMS notificationsEmail notifications

Chatbot PLUS

  • Centralized AI

    Umni centralized AI platform helps businesses collect customer questions automatically and turn them into a business-specific trained AI without any special skills involved. This is the first step in automating communication using AI. Every question matters. Employee time and resources are saved.

  • Livechat

    Chatbot + conversational AI + live chat is the perfect combination for a company when it wants to provide customers with a successful digital self-service tool.
    All communication of the staff with the clients in the chat takes place through the Umni platform, and the response becomes faster and easier due to the additional automation in this module, which is not available on Facebook.

  • Integrations

    Examples of integrating a chatbot with various reservation systems, CRM, and other platforms are scheduling a service, booking a room, checking status, and synchronizing information between the chatbot and other systems that offer APIs. The integration of a chatbot with external software and systems allows customers to perform routine tasks directly through the bot, which speeds up the process, reduces staff workload, saves time for employees and customers, eliminates human error, and consequently improves service quality.

  • Forms

    Automate routine customer support tasks by adding a request form or others to the chatbot. Request forms, questionnaires, news subscriptions, or others collect the necessary information from customers to perform a service. This partially automates routine tasks and saves staff time. Such tasks take staff an average of 6 to 12 minutes per client.

  • SMS notifications

    When a customer requests a conversation with staff, a live chat is activated, or another customer action occurs that requires staff attention, the chatbot can send a notification about that in a second. SMS notification is one of the most popular, fast, and convenient forms of the business message, as it reaches the phone of the manager or employee in seconds and attracts their attention. Choose SMS notification for the faster response of employees and better-served customers.

  • Email notifications

    The chatbot can notify your team by email of information gathered from a client, request, subscription, or other action of the client, requiring the attention and reaction of the staff. Email notifications allow better tracking of bot-staff-client communication and easier sharing in the team of the information collected by the bot. To speed up the process, you can add SMS notifications to the email.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a chatbot on more than one language?

The chatbot can have more than one language installed. Currently, our centralized AI supports Bulgarian, English...

What determines how smart a chatbot is?

How smart a chatbot is, depends on whether artificial intelligence is embedded or not. Also, if it has conversational AI how well trained it is.

What is the chatbot price?

The price of a chatbot is determined by how many people on average per month are expected to communicate with the bot, in how many languages they will chat, the volume and type of information they will share, what features the bot will have, and whether there will be integrations. Send us an inquiry and share these and other details so that our team can give you a more accurate answer

What are the steps to implement a chatbot?

First, you need to contact the Umni team to discuss the project, then comes the planning of the chatbot, contracting, starting the development, implementing the chatbot and testing it, and finally - activation

How to activate a chatbot?

The chatbot is activated with a question to the business in a messenger, on the business website, through a link sent in an email or posted on social media, by scanning a QR-code from a business card or other printed material. There are many more ideas on how to activate and promote a chatbot. Umni team shares them with all its customers!

Where can I install the chatbot?

Chatbot can be embedded in a website, messenger, mobile application, and other digital "media"

How long it takes to create a chatbot?

The development time depends on what the chatbot should do: whether there are integrations, conversational AI module, integrations with other systems, forms/questionnaires, and other functionalities. The conversational AI module will continue developing after the bot will be implemented.

What are the functionalities of chatbots?

Chatbots can perform a variety of tasks, from answering frequently asked questions to automating various tasks, gathering customer information, questionnaires, and more. The functionalities of each specific chatbot depend on what the business assigns to it to do, where it will be implemented, and with whom it will communicate - with clients, partners or staff.

Are there any limitations on chatbot integrations?

There are cases when the software allows communication with external sources, but in a very limited range or does not recognize the Bulgarian or another language. These limitations of the software will also affect what the chatbot can do when integrated with it.

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